Samsung W2019 Clone Snapdragon 845 6GB RAM 128GB ROM 4G LTE Flip Android 8.1 Phone


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Date Added: 03/14/2017 by Shridhar Uppar
Is it dual sim ????
Date Added: 10/18/2016 by Luis Campos
Hey i'm pretty interested to buy one and see the performance, you said you have a Warehouse in USA? How it works if i want to buy one? I'm located at TX, USA, how much is One pc, and how much for Shipping and how long it takes to receive it at my location?? Reply:we can send to you from our warehouse in US,free shipping 6-9days you can get it.thanks...
Date Added: 10/03/2016 by Christopher Munoz
Does this come in titanium gold or silver? Reply:yes
Date Added: 08/24/2016 by chris papavasiliou
Do you have warehouse in Germany? Reply:we have warehouse in EU(Holland,Sweden,Swiss,UK) and US(US,Canada),Asia(China,Hongkong,Malaysia,Singapore,Turkey)-
.future will open more warehouse in other area!thank you....
Date Added: 08/05/2016 by Boris Vartanov
Hi, thank you for fast reply. How come it does not show in description, the phone has USA 4G lte bands? Reply:yes,the phone has USA 4g LTE band...