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Smart Watches

Wholesale Wearable Devices From China
Smart Watches
Why Bluetooth Watches?

Watches have always been classy and they used to be useful, too. But as devices with digital clocks became staples of our surroundings, the watch lost its appeal. Wearable tech bluetooth watches are now taking over!

Now watches are making a comeback, but not for their original purpose. They still tell the time, and the shape, its trademark ergonomic quality, remains the same. But as they have taken on new functions – as phones, as maps, as cameras – the watch is starting to become the new all around tool of choice. Why? Because you can wear it and never think about it and the shape is what makes watches convenient.

The theory is this: stick with what works in terms of design, but let the times dictate the function. We know people like watches, so let’s make them that do what people like.
Strapped to the wrist works better in most situations. For instance, when it comes to losing your phone, which some of us are prone to do, having it on your wrist will make a huge difference. And if you like exercising but dislike lugging along your phone on a run, think of this as the perfect middle road.

Feel like you’re spending too much time on your phone? Get a watch instead. Without a giant screen, you’ll be more likely to look up and appreciate the world around you. The smart Bluetooth watch is a functional, fashionable device, but it isn't trying to grab your attention at all times, as Smartphones tend to do. When you need it, it’s there. When you don’t, gaze elsewhere. Smart watches aren't for people who are content playing games on their phones at all times, but they are perfect for someone who would rather read a book or check out their surroundings.
Best Wearable Tech 2015: Wholesale Watches

With the increasing popularity, many resellers/entrepreneurs are making a lot of money online by reselling smartwatches online. Even though the demand is high, the competition is fierce. The secret is to obtain the product at the lowest wholesale prices possible by ordering stock from EstoreChina, or simply dropship our products and not have stock at all!
China Smartwatches

The reason smartwatches are so affordable on EstoreChina, is because we cooperate directly with major factories in China that also produce for big brands. In this way, we are cutting the middle man for you!