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Wearable gadgets

Wearable Technology Gadgets: The World of Wearables Right Now

If you’ve been paying attention to tech news recently, you’ve surely heard that wearables are the next big thing. It’s all the rage to talk about how, in three years from now, we’ll all be sporting some kind of 3G enabled jewelry or accessory.

The problem is we often hear people discussing how these wearables will be affordable in the future, but very little discussion about what is affordable right now. And that is not because we don’t have useful, affordable wearables available now – it’s just that the big companies, the Dells and Samsungs and Apples of the market – haven’t stamped their logo onto much of them as of yet. In other words, the guys with the money and the market share haven’t entered the game. But there are plenty of great, affordable wearable electronics that already exist. This is a guide to what is available today, right now, in the emerging world of wearables.
Bluetooth Bracelet: Wearables Gadgets for Fitness

Let’s start with exercise. As the world becomes more conscious to the benefits of regular exercise, the demand for tools that assist in exercising has given rise to some pretty cool gadgets. Take, for example, fitness watch, which counts your steps, measures your distance, and stores the information for you so you can analyze your routine and make improvements. Some of these devices even might take the place of personal trainers.
Wearable Tech Gadgets: Bluetooth Bracelets.

This one is for the ladies, whose phones tend to end up in purses and bags, only to reduce the chance of them being answered. It’s a simple little bracelet that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and tells you when a call is coming in. That way you can just leave your phone alone in your bag. This is especially useful for the cosmopolitan adult who is rushing from place to place. It’s also perfect for exercisers and those who prefer not to lug around their phone everywhere with them.

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